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Regaine 5% foam plus oral DHT blocker working

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 3:08 pm
by Alee
Since 30th November 2016 I have been applying Regaine 5% foam on my thinning hair, at the beginning of December I started taking Nourish Hair vitamins which also contain Saw Palmetto (DHT blocker) to try and speed up any possible regrowth. After reading the Regaine instructions I wasn't expecting much to be happening for at least 12-16 weeks. I am delighted to say that not only is the quality of my existing hair better that there are new shoots on the bald patches too!

I am relieved to say the least, when visiting the Doctor for the usual tests she didn't hold out much hope as she couldn't see any hair follicles. I didn't have the usual hormonal widening parting, male pattern baldness my patches were random underneath and over the back and sides of my scalp. I am post menopause 57 yrs old, I also suffer from Vitaligo which is an auto immune condition so my alopecia could have been linked to that as well. Otherwise I'm very fit, slim,a healthy eater, don't drink or smoke and also a bit vain if I'm honest so this has been great for my self esteem.

Hope this post is useful to others :)

Re: Regaine 5% foam plus oral DHT blocker working

PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 8:20 am
by mania
yes you are right it can affect a little bit for treating the hair loss and any kind of desease of hair for some time it's not give you permanent solution for this as to get proper hair loss treatment as a result of permanent natural hair by hair restoration surgery ....