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Propecia Side Effects...

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Propecia Side Effects...

Postby andyking » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:43 am

The biggest side effect of propecia is sexual side effect. Number of people asked me about Sex drive and sex desire.

Sexual Drive and Sexual Desire are two different things.

Sexual desire is whether you WANT TO DO it. Sexual Drive is whether you CAN DO IT. So WANT TO DO is is your internal thought or your wish, which is not affected by Finasteride. Now sexual drive that is CAN DO IT is followed after WANT TO DO IT, which may affect by Finasteride. According to my experience, Finasteride can hamper your CAN DO IT. It does not hamper your WANT TO DO IT. So If you have a desire, the drive is possible. And drive may not be possible, if you take finasteride.

However It is my experience that as your body gets used to Propecia finasteride, sexual side effect slowly disappears in a couple of months.

Re: Propecia Side Effects...

Postby mania » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:45 am

That is very much understandable that if you are using certain products for the hair loss treatment then might be some side effects of it so the best way is to go for hair transplant surgery which don't have any side effects you can more information at FUE transplant hair in Islamabad ..
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