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success! feeling good about my hair

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success! feeling good about my hair

Postby frocomb » Fri May 23, 2014 8:18 pm

Hi folks

just wanted to share my success, or perhaps more apt, being content with my hair loss story. My hair loss has stabilised and appears to have thickened (both by my observation and that of people around me).

I wanted to start by saying I know how it feels. Life can deal you some pretty tough cards without having to deal with hairloss and should it bite, I know how it can hit your confidence, effecting our personal and professional working life. Its consuming as we try and often fall prey to the next fruitless touted solution. It worked for that guy on the internet in the same place as me... There's the initial optimism, followed by some uncertainty and then back to frustration. I hope my notes below are of some use and (a little exec. summary!) I think the main take away is to stop worrying about it and just make sure to take care of yourself. I know that's far easier said then done, I really do, with our general predisposition about looks, youth etc. But I think so much about this is how we let it affect us, may be this is me becoming a thirty something year old as well, and if anything, I've learnt a lot about myself through the last few years dealing with hair loss.

A bit more about me. Pretty normal guy in his early thirties working in the city. I first noticed the onset of hairloss (typical temples thinning) around my early twenties. Now, upto my late teens I had thick hair. I mean thick to the point that I would need to wet it to be able to run a comb through it. I wouldn't even think of trying some of the hair styles that I did back then today (yes, also because of how ridiculous they looked!) But during my twenties it slowly thinned and my temples slowly receded. I started on the usual saw palmetto and added all sorts including liquorice, nettle, all sorts of teas, soya milk and supplements etc. I don't want to dismiss these but I can't say they had a material effect in any hair growth or stabilising.

Around my late twenties, I noticed a marked increase in hairloss. This started with a sensation of burning and tightening at my hair line and crown and marked thinning is these areas. This was distressing. Some months later this returned but now all over the top and some loss on the sides (diffused). This was really disconcerting for me. I was really at a loss about what was causing it. About this time my scalp also became flaky and much more oily. I should note I had started a new job which was considerably more stressful months before the second round of accelerated loss and there were some other stresses in my life compounding to this. Clichéd, but I now put it down to stress

So, over the next few years I tried various things and slowly became content with what I felt is a stabilised position and now more recently have noticed thickening of hair. I'll save what didn't work (as I largely don't remember it) but what I believe, has helped. I also include other things I started doing over the last few years not to combat hairloss but I think has contributed to my hair position today. This isn't scientific in the slightest with environmental factors and other variables likely biasing my experience. But, for what its worth, in my view, I think these have contributed.

-Water. I cannot stress this enough and I'm most confident that this has made a difference. Guidelines I believe are around 2ltrs a day. Read up on the guide amount based on your circumstances and guzzle it. Its difficult at first but you need to get in the habit of just drinking throughout the day. I've just started eating chia seeds as apparently they help with hydration but can't comment about if they help with hairloss.
-No coffee, tea or wine. I found these to dehydrate me. I'm on the fence about other alcoholic based drinks but I'd recommend cutting them out if possible. I think the takeaway here is hydration is key so anything that counters this is bad
-Wash your hair regularly with lukewarm water. Follow by a blast of cold water. I used head and shoulders citrus shampoo with conditioner. Interestingly that when my scalp was burning I tried a conditioner but it made things worse but now I seem more agreeable to it? I towel dry my hair. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
-nizoral twice a week after using my regular shampoo
-Exercise. I used to do weights and cardio but freaked out with the abovementioned accelerated hairloss and reading up about how weights may impact hairloss. Well more recently I've returned to doing both and it seems to suit me okay. I don't go all out with weights (i.e. not always pushing myself), more just to keep the build I have. Jog twice/ three times a week and weights and rowing (as one session) twice a week
-supplement wise I still take the old faithful saw palmetto (320mg), but also take plant sterols (800mg) and evening primrose oil (1000mg). Sp X2, ps x2 epo x2 daily. I've missed a few (holiday, long days etc.) and where I haven't thought about it I haven't noticed any issues. To add, I had surgery some months ago and stopped taking these supplement post op for a fortnight with no detrimental effect to my hair. Take from that what you will but I'm a sucker here and continue to take these supplements.
-fruit. My regime is two oranges and a banana for brunch and as an evening snack. I also eat blueberries and a few other fruits inconsistently. I also drink a glass of orange juice in the morning and again in the evening.
-I've also recently started drinking a bottle of M&S Active health detox juice. Can't remember what its exactly called but its in a small bottle with a green cap. Seems to suit me ok.

My scalp has become much less oily, less flaky, less of a 'tight feeling' and my hair looks healthier; kind of a light sheen (like a light coating of water) to it and softer to touch and seems to bunch together (perhaps giving the appearance of being thicker). In the last few months it feels and looks like it has got thicker all over the top of my head with me seeing less scalp.

So that's about it from me. I felt compelled to register and share the above as I feel a lot better about my hair now and I hope the above notes may of some use. I think the theme for me has been to take care of myself better and be realistic about my hair which I think has improved how I feel about my hair which inturn I think has improved my hair (lowered stress).

Anyway, best of luck everyone with their hair :)
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Re: success! feeling good about my hair

Postby korsjackson471 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:33 am

that is good, and best
i think you have found your issue
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Re: success! feeling good about my hair

Postby mania » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:34 am

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Re: success! feeling good about my hair

Postby mania » Tue Feb 13, 2024 8:20 am

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