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Hair Loss Milkshake? Surely There’s No Whey!…

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Hair Loss Milkshake? Surely There’s No Whey!…

Postby admin » Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:14 am

Earlier this year Medical Specialists® Pharmacy reported how Prince Harry was perhaps questionably trying to fight hair loss by taking caviar omega-3 supplements, and now there is another product about to hit the market that makes bold claims of hair restoration for those suffering with hair loss.

The product in question is a new protein shake that has yet to reach British consumers, but has received the backing from a leading US hair transplant surgeon, Dr Edward Ball. Dr Ball claims there is “compelling evidence that it works”.

‘Help Hair’ is said to contain numerous vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that can all contribute to “healthier, richer, more vibrant , thicker fuller hair with more luster and shine” – according to the Help Hair website.

Similar to other existing muscle recovery products already on the market, the Help Hair product is a whey protein based powder. However, a quick glance of the price shows that a 960g pouch of powder can set customers back an eye-watering $55.99.

Avid gym goers purchasing the pouches, and whom are also believing the products could counter-act hair loss, could easily go through two of the pouches in a given month, meaning a potential monthly cost of $111.98.

Full story: ... s-no-whey/
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