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Minoxidil 4%

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Minoxidil 4%

Postby hairforthought » Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:39 pm

Hey guys,
Having years ago read loads and loads of post I thought I should add my story to the list. I started loosing my hair at 24/25 and this became very noticeable by 27 so I went to the doctor had all my bloods tested with nothing found and was referred to a dermatologist.
The trip to the dermatologist was one of the biggest disappointment of my life, I waited 12 weeks to be seen, was in the Dr room for less than 5 mins, in which a older male Dr took a three second look at my hair, told me it was female pattern baldness, that nothing really would help and that I would just have to "get on with in".
I've tried loads of things in the past, laser hair comb, loads of different supplements, tablets and so on. Viviscal helped to reducing the shedding slightly but not to great affect. The only thing that worked for me was minoxidil 4%.
The first three months were bad, with huge amounts of shedding but I decided at the time to just treat half my head and this made it tolerable. If I had done the whole lot I think the shedding would have been an even more depressing amount.
Anyway fast forward two years, I have no side affects of the minoxidil, I have reduced the dose to once daily and my hair is much better. For over a year its gone back to a completely normal amount of shedding. I got lazy with the minoxidil lately and the shedding has increased but its been great for years.
I found Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo also really helped because it increases the speed my hair grows so any new hairs grow quicker.
Basically the point is, I'm 100% happy that I tried it, and it worked great for me. I hadn't lost a huge huge amount of hair but I got depressed when taking a shower or brushing my hair, with the amount I was loosing, this is no longer a problem.
Even if the affects are short lived, and I might not be able to afford it forever it has brought be two years without the constant stress of thinking and caring about it! How much hair you have shouldn't really matter...but sadly it really does.
Good luck everyone!
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Re: Minoxidil 4%

Postby mania » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:20 pm

thanks for the useful information this is very cool ...
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